Verband Deutscher Treasurer e.V.

Since its foundation in 1997, VDT e. V. has become the leading professional association for corporate treasury in Germany and operates according to the principle of „by Treasurers for Treasurers“. Finance executives from more than 750 companies (representing a turnover of approximately 2 trillion Euro) are currently members of VDT.


The association’s aim is to represent the interests of corporate treasurers and to serve the needs of its members. VDT provides its members a platform for exchanging experiences, monitors trends and developments, prepares relevant topics for knowledge exchange and publishes these to the community.


VDT e.V. has standing working groups for Cash & Liquidity, Risk Management, Equity & Debt and Treasury Profession & Qualification. These groups define best practice standards and provide information on current treasury topics.


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Netzwerke (VDT e.V., die Plattform für Treasurer)


We offer the platform for treasurers to exchange experiences across all management levels and industries, personally and digitally.

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Knowledge Management

We observe trends and developments, prepare relevant topics and make recommendations on best practices, even outside the box.

VDT Berufsbild und Qualifizierung


We define the job profile of the treasurer and offer practice-oriented qualification measures, from assistance via the Certified Corporate Treasurer to special topics.

Verband Deutscher Treasurer e.V. VDT Interessenvertretung


We bundle the opinions of our members and contribute to the formation of political and regulatory opinion through our networks and cooperations.

Aims & Tasks

VDT is the leading association of corporate treasurers in Germany with a history of more than 20 years. Our philosophy is "by Treasurers for Treasurers". In teams of experts we develop guiding principles for our profession. VDT takes care for recruiting young talent, promoting careers and qualifying treasurers.

In order to bring the association's topics and competencies into the community, the Association of German Treasurers e.V. organises specialist conferences, webinars, regional meetings and workshops for its members. In addition, topic-related 'Best Practice' approaches, statements, position papers and newsletters are published regularly.

The VDT e.V. sees itself as a qualification and interest representation, which stands permanently and competently as a strong partner for its members such as large corporations, medium-sized companies as well as banks, consultants, system providers, WP companies and law firms. The scope, number, size and diversity of the companies ensure the association's leading position in the economy.




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VDT Working Groups

VDT Berufsbild und Qualifizierung

Job Profile & Qualification

The working group of Job Profile & Qualification is working intensively on defining and disseminating the occupational profile of treasurers. We want to contribute to the professional qualification of treasurers through systematic training and advanced training measures.

Asset Management VDT

Asset Management

This working group deals with the opportunities, chances and risks of a medium- and long-term control of financial assets taking into account the corresponding obligations of the company.

Cash & Liquidity VDT

Cash & Liquidity

Cash & Liquidity covers cash and liquidity management, working capital, technical platforms as well as organization and processes.

Debt and Equity VDT

Equity & Debt

Equity & Debt deals with debt liability management, equity markets and asset management.

Risk Management VDT

Risk Management

The working group Risk Management prepares the topics of regulation, risk management / framework, hedging as well as derivatives valuation and accounting.

Qualifications & Education

VDT Basisqualifizierung

VDT Basisqualifizierung Treasury

This qualification offers a comprehensive and practical basic qualification in treasury. The contents were compiled by practitioners from the Vocational Profile & Qualification department and cover all essential basic treasury functions as well as the organisation of the associated activities.

The qualification brochure and the registration form can be found here:

Certified Corporate Treasurer VDT

The postgraduate programme Certified Corporate Treasurer VDT offers comprehensive and practical training in treasury and has been part of the association's training programme since 2005. The contents were compiled by experienced treasurers and professors from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

The qualification brochure and the registration form can be found here:

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